Important TABC Facts

If you need the license to sell alcohol in the state of Texas, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to get that license. It’s called the TABC license in the state, and anyone who sells beer or other alcoholic beverages in any form can do so only after attaining this special license. Here are a few important facts to know about this license.

Why a License?

The TABC has a mission of ensuring safe sells and consumption of alcohol. Through the licensing procedure, it is possible to ensure this happens while closely monitoring activities of bars, clubs, convenience stores, supermarkets, and more.

Is There a Cost to Obtain the License?

To obtain the license, you’ll need to pay a fee after the test is taken. This fee must be paid before the test is administered. In addition to the fee, you must pass the test to obtain the license. The fees are non-refundable.

Free Alcohol

If you are planning to serve beer at no cost, a license from the TABC is not required. To serve without a license, you may not request tips or donations, nor require any purchase of a product to obtain the free beverage.

The Numbers

There are around 10,000 permits issued in the state each year. This number accounts for all businesses who’ve applied for a license and individuals.

Temporary Permits

Temporary permits are available for special events to special organizations. The request for the permit must be made 10 days in advance and is valid only during the special days requested on the application.

Do You Need a TABC?

Anyone who sells alcoholic beverages in the state under any capacity needs the license. Without it, you are committing a crime and may lose the privilege to sell alcoholic beverages in the future and face a slew of penalties and fees. The license is fairly simple to obtain, so do not attempt to sell alcoholic beverages without it.